First Responder Support and Paramedic Subscription Program

Fire Recovery USA’s First Responder Support Program

There are real costs to responding to medical incidents. Given increasingly limited fire department resources, Fire Recovery USA has created the First Responder Support Program. This program is designed to support fire departments across the U.S. Many cities contract their EMS services to others, but their fire departments still have the duty to provide first responder services. The EMS companies typically bill under medical coverage, while first responders have had to absorb the enormous cost of providing services. In today’s environment of limited budgets this has become even more difficult. That’s why Fire Recovery USA has developed a program which allows tracking and billing for these responses, helping offset the costs incurred. Fire Recovery USA bills and collects these charges, and passes the revenue directly to fire departments monthly.

Fire Recovery USA is the leading cost recovery service in the U.S., assisting fire departments in 41 states in recovering the cost of providing emergency services.

Fire Recovery USA’s Paramedic Subscription Program

Fire Recovery USA’s Paramedic Subscription Program offers an “insurance policy” to help cover first responder fees for residents in your region. Combined with the First Responder Program, the Paramedic Subscription Program allows for affordable fees to cover the possible first responder event. Think of it as an insurance policy. For a small monthly or annual fee (can be included in a utility billing, if available) a resident or business can pre-pay for coverage of any incident for their family or employees.

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We have utilized Fire Recovery since June 2009. The decision to outsource our Fire/Rescue Billing for response to vehicle collisions and fires was the best decision we ever made. We would be overwhelmed without their assistance in this regard.
Steven Kerber, Fire Chief, Regional Fire & Rescue Department, Casa Grande, Arizona
We have partnered with Fire Recovery USA for over two years and the most outstanding trait is their commitment to customer service. They don’t accept “no” as an answer from the insurance companies and always drive forward to assure we are receiving our just and due invoices. Even during this changing time of insurance companies attempting to NOT pay, Fire Recovery USA is our beacon.
Fred Windisch, Fire Chief, Ponderosa Fire Department, Houston, Texas
Thanks Fire Recovery. I can’t express this enough – your company and your work have been exceptional. There was a Fire Department in Illinois who contacted us wanting information on your company. I couldn’t say enough great things about you.
Alfred LaPointe Jr., Fire Chief, French Village Fire Department, French Village, Illinois