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Maximize Collections with our EMS Billing Services.

Fire Recovery EMS began municipal billing operations in 1995 with six clients and has grown to service over 250 customers, including large municipalities, fire protection districts, volunteer departments, small rural departments, and private ambulance services.

Fire Recovery EMS is located in the heart of the central US in the Chicago Suburbs and has a reputation for commitment to client service and quality. We provide client-focused practical solutions to improve billing efficiency and claim processing for our customers.

We pride ourselves on having a completely US based operation. None of our billing process or customer service is ever outsourced overseas!

We focus on maximizing your collection percentage and more importantly your dollars collected per trip!

Completely United States based operations, Nothing is outsourced!

Contact Customer Service - 1.800.244.2345

Customer Service Hours 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM (CST)

What Makes us Different

Advanced technology and software leveraging ESO’s EMS billing platform.
Completely Customized billing procedures.
We handle all patient inquiries, including appeals and denials.
Ensure you are fully compliant with HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid and have a full time compliance officer on staff.
Provide on-site Patient Care Reporting (PCR), HIPAA, and Documentation training when needed.
Provide customized financial and statistical reports. Generate monthly reports showing current activity, Aging detail, and current payments.
Ability to accept and send data electronically in a HIPAA compliant format.
Electronic submission of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance claims, which ensure quick reimbursement and steady cash flow.
Internal audit system in place, which allows us to review claims for accuracy before they are submitted; thus reducing the denial rate, and increasing cash flow.
Handle posting of all Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and patient payments.
Make your bank deposits.
Ability to provide back-billing.

MAXIMIZING REVENUE with the most efficient process & technology available.


Before beginning the billing process, FREMS will work with you to customize any aspect of the billing process. We understand the need for unique bill schedules, for example, many accounts utilize “soft” billing for residents versus non-residents and we are happy to comply. Not to mention, your department logo can be added to all bills, statements, and invoices for personalization. The following bill schedule chart is a template that can be altered to meet any specification you desire.


Receipt of Data
Receive PCR information into our billing software and code the trip


Insurance Investigation
Discovery using hospital face sheets or using Payor Logic validation


Submit Invoice
Within 72 hours of Step 1 – Electronically submit claim to insurance provider or send patient insurance request letter if no insurance has been discovered


Send Information Letter and Call
30 days later – Mail and call patient to inform them we still do not have insurance information


Send Second Invoice
30 days later – Mail patient indicating balance due


Send Past Due Letter
30 days later – Mail patient indicating balance is past due


30 days later – Send Final Notice Letter
Mail patient final notice


Collections Review
Send the balance to collection agency or write-off the balance based on department guidelines

See our EMS Billing Process

See our EMS Workflow


Payor Logic improves collections of self-pay receivables through data mining and proven actionable analytics. From verifying demographics to scrubbing self-pay and finding active insurance coverage, Payor Logic delivers actionable data and workflow to increase cash, maximize reimbursement and resolve patient balances including self-pay.



Ensure effective processes for initial capture

Confirm 9 key elements on front-end

Coverage Found

Rank Coverages

Differentiate managed care and advantage plans

List relevant plan types (HMO, PPO, etc.)

Expanded Search
for Payors

Run an average of 13 transactions per patient

Find up to double the number of payors compared to other services

Active Geographical
Payor Search

Examine nationally – all 50 states and US territories

Interrogate the most relevant payors with proprietary matching algorithm


Create rules based on facility, patient, state and payor

Build exclusions to eliminate false coverages


Because a significant number of accounts remain uninsured after an intensive insurance discovery process, scoring the likelihood of accounts to qualify for Medicaid or Charity plans is the next natural step in the process. Along with this, accounts are grouped according to payment likelihood.

Dynamic Medicaid

Most States have an open window to retro bill Medicade

Flag and monitor accounts
Notification when account converts to Medicaid
Green light to retro bill claim
Payment Likelihood

Have additional Questions?
Contact a team Member.

Angi Graham
Angi Graham
Regional Account Manager
Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson
Regional Account Manager
Brandon Shallcross
Brandon Shallcross
Regional Account Manager


We will work with your EMS Patient Care Reporting system to ensure PHI is electronically transferred to us. We also have the ability to package in EMS PCR Software as well as hardware into any contract.



We understand that reporting and providing financial data is critical to the decision making process. Our billing platform comes standard with all of the standard accounting and service oriented reports as well as any reports for response times, payer types, location of services, destination hospitals, etc. We can also create any custom reports for you as well. Our services will reduce your administrative functions and costs so that you can focus on other departmental needs. We are capable of handling the volume of patients and the scope of service of your department!

Our goal is to not only provide customized EMS billing solutions that reduce costs while increasing revenue, but also to do so in the most efficient and compliant manner available.

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