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Fire Inspection Software

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Streamline your Fire Inspections

STREAMLINE INSPECTIONS is a mobile and cloud-based fire inspection software platform created for state and local governments performing fire and life safety inspections. Streamline inspections makes work easier and more cost-effective to manage, regardless of the department or AHJ. The Application was designed by fire professionals, for inspectors and with multiple programs in mind: Fire Inspections, HazMat, Brush or Weed Abatement, together in one system.

We also also designed it to work the way you work: our iPad-based or Windows tablet software goes anywhere you need to go. Locally stored data on the device allows you to work where there is no connection. Sync via Wi-Fi or cellular service. Push notices allow notification of time-critical new tasks. It’s the most intuitive and versatile inspection application on the market. Contact us today for a free demonstration and let us show you how easy inspections can be.

Fire Inspections
Maintenance Inspections
Brush and Weed Abatement
Self Certification Portal
Full Chemical Database
Building Inspections
Code Enforcement Inspections
Community Development Inspections

All you need to handle all of the your Fire Inspections
All of the Time

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Access your data from anywhere. Run reports, email notices and schedule inspections on the fly.

Property Risk Assessment

Similar to the original OVAP program users can assign risk values to specific risk factors.  These combined values will calculate a property risk score.

Windows or iPad Based Field Inspector

Sync and work on or off-line. Add inspections or occupancies in the field. Add dynamic rule sets and custom checklists.


Mark low-risk violations with this status and allow business owners access to correct violations.

Hydrant Module

Track hydrants, GPS locations, flow rates, hydrant maintenance and inspect Hydrants.

Community Risk

A portal for home fire safety inspections, smoke detector blitz campaigns and community education.

Available for iPad & Windows. Get the App today!


Frequently Asked Questions about
Streamline INspections

On What types of devices can the software be stored?

The inspection application is Apple iPad based and Windows Mobile Tablet based. It is downloaded free from the Apple or Microsoft App Store and licensed to your department’s database. We currently support iPad 2’s and greater with iOS 13.x and greater along with Windows 10 Pro. Apple iPad minis are also supported. The Administration portal is browser based and will work with Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. An internet connection is required to operate the admin portal.

Where is the data stored?

All data is hosted and stored in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud infrastructure.

How is the data stored and who manages it?

The MSSQL database is stored in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud infrastructure. Streamline Automation Systems manages the operating systems and the database (MSSQL) for installed software. Application hardware (iPad devices & Windows Tablets) are owned and managed by the end user. Data is owned and managed by the City/Department.

How is the data synchronized into the database?

Data is transferred through a combination of direct data access and entity framework. The mobile device communicates via web services. All communication to the database can be done over Wi-Fi or cellular network. Connection from the mobile device to the database is only required on sync. All mobile devices are designed to work in an ‘offline’ mode. All Inspection data is stored in SAS’s database and images are stored as files and are associated to inspections violations.

Does it track signed inspections with open violations?

Yes, there is a full inspection/violation tracking process that allows this type of tracking. This is the greatest strength of our application. We place a great deal of focus on the scheduling and tracking of the initial inspection, re-inspections and all violations repairs and rechecks as well as photos. SAS introduced the concept of an inspection series where you can see the complete series of inspections from the original to the final and associated violations.  We also have code sets available from NFPA and ICC.

Does your program have checklists?

Yes. Each inspection type can have it’s own checklist. Inspections types can have multiple checklists assigned and each are configurable by the department. Checklists are highly configurable they are more than just a list of violations to check with yes/no or pass/fail answers. Checklists are made of configurable components (Toggles, Selectors, Dates, Numbers, Text, Photos) and each of these generates events (show/hide, require other components) within the checklist based on responses.  We also support self-certification of violations where a business owner can clear a violation without having to complete a reinspection of the property.

Can it issue permits without automatically issuing them in advance?

Yes, the department configures how and when permits are issued. An example: a permit would not issue until the inspection is completed without violations. It can also be configured not to issue the permit until the violations are cleared and the payment for an inspection is received.  Our billing service is required.

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Available for iPad & Windows. Get the App today!

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